“Art of Another Kind” exhibit at the Guggenheim

“Untitled” by Karel Appel available at gallart.com

“The excellent collection show “Art of Another Kind” finds the Guggenheim tunneling back in time to 1959… a treasure trove of postwar abstraction, much of it made by artists you have probably never heard of…The show’s title comes from the French art critic Michel Tapié, who, writing of “un art autre,” defined the avant-garde painting of his day by its otherness, irrationality and rejection of all traditions — even modernism. Sweeney had another term for it, championing “tastebreakers” who “break open and enlarge our artistic frontiers…Some of his tastebreakers now look more like tastemakers:.. Pollock with the neo-primitivist Karel Appel; de Kooning with the maker of cloudy abstractions known as Afro”

Click here to read more!

See pieces available by Karel Appel here (gallart.com)

Guggenheim Exhibit website here.

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