Artist Passing: Paul Jenkins, LeRoy Neiman and Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade, Paul Jenkins, and Leroy Neiman

Our deepest condolences go out to the families of Paul Jenkins, LeRoy Neiman, and Thomas Kinkade; featured artists here at Gallery Art. Though these artists are gone they will not be forgotten and will continue to speak vividly through their work.

Paul Jenkins

(b. June 12, 1923 d. June 9, 2012)

Paul Jenkins, a colorful Abstract Expressionist who came of age during the heyday of the New York School and for several decades carried on its highly physical tradition of manipulating paint and canvas, died on June 9 in Manhattan, where he lived and had continued to paint until recently. He was 88.” via NYT

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LeRoy Neiman

(b. June 8, 1921 d. June 20, 2012)

LeRoy Neiman, whose brilliantly colored, impressionistic sketches of sporting events and the international high life made him one of the most popular artists in the United States, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 91.” via NYT

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Thomas Kinkade

(Jan 19, 1958 d. April 6, 2012)

Thomas Kinkade, the prolific painter of bucolic and idealized scenes who estimated that his mass-produced works hung in one out of 20 American homes, died on Friday at his home in Los Gatos, Calif. He was 54.” via NYT

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