“Love” Sculpture Lawsuit: Robert Indiana Wins


“A federal judge has ruled in favor of the artist Robert Indiana, best known for his “LOVE” sculpture featuring a tilted letter “O,” in a suit claiming that the artist had renounced work he had previously authenticated…[the items in question] sculptures called “English PREM”, in which that word (Hindi for “love”) was spelled out in capital letters arranged much like those in the “LOVE” sculpture, with the first two letters above the last two…” (via NYTimes)

premClick here to read more.

Click here to see Gallery Art’s selection of pieces by Robert Indiana.

One comment

  1. I truly love both of these love sculptures and how different, and beautiful they are. My favorite is the red one only cause I feel like it compliments what love is with the beautiful red. I will love to see this in person one day

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