100 Million Euro Restoration of the Panthéon in Paris


” One of the largest restoration projects in Europe is due to begin this August in the French capital. The Centre des Monuments Nationaux, the French body responsible for caring for state monuments, is preparing for a ten-year, €100m programme to restore the Panthéon, an 18th-century building that has become an expression of national pride…


During the first stage, the dome and its colonnade will be enveloped in freestanding scaffolding that will be a piece of monumental engineering in its own right; piling 17m deep will support a 37m-high, 315-tonne base. However grand the Panthéon and its restoration, though, these are hard times. In a move that represents a major departure for France, funding for the project will come not only from the state and the usual institutional philanthropists but also, it is hoped, from an online crowd-funding appeal.” (via theartnewspaper.com)

Click here to read more.

Click here to visit the website for the Pantheon Paris.

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