A Pop Art Icon Paints A Downtown Mobile, Alabama Mural

Kenny Scharf’s Space 301 mural. (Wayne McNeil)

In downtown Mobile, Alabama –

“Last Friday, Kenny Scharf was peacefully spray painting demented cartoon creatures on the Space 301 building when his flow was interrupted by the law…

…”I started painting and then a cop came by, and said ‘what are you doing?'” Scharf said. “And I tried to explain that I had permission and he just didn’t believe me. Now I have papers in my pocket.”

Scharf is totally legit.

The pioneering pop artist with pieces in the world’s best museums and galleries, and graffiti art in countless urban settings, was asked by longtime friend and Centre for the Living Arts Executive Director Robert L. Sain to contribute to CLA’s new “Futures Project.”

Scharf’s mural is part of the exhibit, which opens this week and runs through December. It’s a must-see at LoDa Artwalk on Friday, May 10.

The mural will remain after the exhibit ends.

The chain of mischievous, amorphous characters Scharf is spraying on the Jackson and Conti St. sides of Space 301 ensures that the building will never again go unnoticed by passersby. 

“Now people can be like, ‘What is this?’ ‘What’s in there?'” Scharf said. “It will draw attention to the museum and it will get people excited about art.” (via AL.com)

View our vibrant and exciting Kenny Scharf collection here.

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