Peter Max Hosts His First NYC Show In 20 Years

"Max on Greene", Peter Max
“Max on Greene”, Peter Max

Tuesday, October 22nd marks the first time in two decades Peter Max has presented a major collection of works in a New York City gallery. One of the world’s most beloved artists of the last four decades, Peter Max will present his newest collection at POP International Galleries’ Midtown location. Max’s muse for this epic return? The glamorous sex goddess, Marilyn Monroe.

Max is back with an electrifying collection of over 40 one-of-a-kind new works of Miss Monroe. In each painting he uses an iconic photograph of this Hollywood legend taken by the great fashion photographer Milton Greene, whose well-known friendship with Monroe produced these gorgeous photographs. Peter brings his unique colors and brushstrokes to this new body of work, dramatically lighting up and bringing a whole new perspective to Greene’s renowned images.

The Opening Night of the exhibition will be on Tuesday, October 22nd from 5 – 8pm with Peter Max and special guests in attendance. The exhibition will open to the public at both POP International Gallery’s locations on Wednesday, October 23rd. For RSVP information to opening night, please log on onto www.popinternational.comor e-mail

View or Peter Max collection here.

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