Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Honors Kenneth Hendel

The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce has been recognizing the accomplishments of outstanding business professionals at the Champions of Business Award Luncheon for seven years.

On January 24th, 2014 the 2013 recipients Russell Galbut, Stephanie Ruiz, Alan Randolph and Ken Hendel will be honored in a continuation of the Chamber’s long standing tradition of recognizing business professionals who help to strengthen the foundation of the Miami Beach community at large.

Kenneth & Tiffany Hendel
Kenneth & Tiffany Hendel

Gallery Art offers a vast amount of art. Hendel is assisted by his team and his adorable 9 year old daughter Tiffany, who already knows a lot about the business and the art but most of all enjoys spending quality time with her dad. The dizzying array of art works can be quite overwhelming but the knowledgeable staff at Gallery Art offer advice to first time enthusiasts as well as seasoned collectors. Hendel compares art collecting to shopping. “We give advice on where the trends are in buying and selling art and hopefully over the years your level of taste increases. First you might go shopping at Target and then Bloomingdales and then you end up in Neiman Marcus or Prada. We feel that we are the Neiman Marcus, where you are getting value and you are only getting the best quality art.”

Ken Hendel with Lichtenstein
Ken Hendel with Lichtenstein’s “Composition I”

Hendel credits his staff of 14 with much of his accomplishments over the past 25 years. He believes in hard work, good business ethics and teamwork. “I am certainly honored that they chose me to be the recipient of this award. It seems like, with a lot of hard work and dedication, things pay off. The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce is one of the people I feel fortunate to be involved with. Without a team and without working together, I would not have been the recipient of this award. Everyone on the team deserves a piece of it and I want to thank them for Gallery Art’s growth and for Gallery Art’s outlook on art.”

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