Digital Any Warhol Art Has Been Trapped On A Floppy Disk For 30 Years

Andy2, 1985
Andy2, 1985

The Andy Warhol Museum announced that Andy Warhol’s lost computer art has been found. The works were trapped on 30-year-old Amiga floppy disks in the museum’s archives and recently recovered by the Carnegie Mellon Computer Club. New York artist Cory Arcangel stumbled upon a YouTube clip of Andy at a launch event for the Amiga (watch it below!), an old-school personal computer sold in the ’80s and ’90s by Commodore.

Before a live audience, Andy created a digital portrait of Debbie Harry, the badass front woman of Blondie, with software that looks a lot like Microsoft Paint. This video launched an extensive search for Andy’s lost computer art, and after a three-year hunt, the images have finally been unearthed. (read the full article at

Check out our Andy Warhol collection here.

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