Custom Framing Your Memories

Custom Frame Your Memories

Life is full of excitement and joy-filled moments. Either you worked hard to meet a goal or you experienced an emotionally charged rite of passage. Life experiences like these can be properly honored by displaying some of those memories and sharing them with others.

What’s the best way to remember a special moment?

Documents, photos, diplomas and even priceless pieces of art represent special moments. Whatever that moment may represent, you can relay its special meaning to others by presenting it in custom framing that draws the viewer’s eye to it and complements its impressive qualities. Our experienced craftsmen have helped people just like you preserve their cherished memories for more than 30 years. They can help you display your life’s successes and present them in a fashion worthy of the finest gallery.

How do you dress up a memory?

An image’s or document’s frame is where the piece comes alive. How you present it speaks to the viewer in a way that expresses the high value you put on it and yourself. The right framing glorifies the moment an image or document represents and adds to its aesthetic value. A frame custom-built by our master craftsman creates a perfect balance of harmony with the image and its surroundings. It will create a defining boundary between the image and the wall and draw the viewer’s eye and admiration for the experience it represents. The frame also serves as a support that keeps the item flat and allows you to mount it on the wall.

When constructed properly, custom framing will also protect the medium from the environment. Our knowledgeable framers have prepared a countless number of frames. They know the best ways to preserve your artifact and make it look its best in the setting that you choose. They have intimate knowledge of the many colors, sizes and designs available for frames and can consult with you to determine what frame design will best suit your article, its location and your desires. As professional tradesmen, they have access to tools, materials and techniques of the highest caliber. The wrong materials can erode your document. If it’s not framed properly, exposure to dust, light and other elements can shorten the life of your piece. The techniques our framers employ will conserve your memories to live on for centuries as family heirlooms.

Custom Frames for Every Style

Celebrate the triumphs and the trophies.

Moments preserved as pictures and documents tell the story of your life. These stories represent your triumphs, celebrations and trophies. You should share these wonderful experiences with those close to you to show them the amazing possibilities that life has to offer. Whether it is your first family portrait or the first invoice from a successful business venture, how you present it will tell the viewer another story. That story is the value that moment has for you, and its importance will transfer to the viewer. We have helped businesses and families preserve their milestones for many years, and we can help you protect and present your cherished memories, as well. Contact us today at 305-932-6166, or visit our gallery at 20633 Biscayne Blvd. in Aventura, and we will be glad to consult with you on a custom framing solution that will best preserve your life’s important highlights.

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