5 Reasons To Buy Custom Framing

5 Reasons To Buy Custom Framing

From rare art pieces to the finger-painted portrait your tot painted for you, custom framing can fit any need. The framing that holds precious artwork and memorable photos should be chosen with just as much care as the work they display. Custom framing is the final piece to creating, displaying and preserving your amazing works.

Here are five ways custom framing can meet all of your needs:

1. Made for the dimensions of the art or photograph.Typically, people have a piece of art or a photograph with specific dimensions and they go out to find a frame to fit it. However, if their item is not a standard dimension, they will end up with a framed photo or art piece that has awkward symmetry with too much or too little room. With custom framing, the piece determines the size of the frame and creates a perfect fit.

2. Made for your style. Store-bought frames are a dime a dozen. The same frame that you have in your house or office is also in countless offices and homes in your area. Custom framing facilities have virtually endless options for moldings, backings, colors, sizes, and styles. The professionals can help bring your style to life by putting your specific, unique selections together to create the perfect fit for your office or home.

3. Professional experience. Every type of art needs different treatments. A charcoal sketch needs different preservation than a watercolor painting, which needs different treatments than a photograph. The professionals at custom framing facilities will determine what your art needs to remain in the best condition for longevity.

Protect Your Art

4.  Longevity of the art. Over time, art pieces and photography can turn yellow and deteriorate, cutting the life of your art and the memories of your photography in half. The damage that art work and photography endures is avoidable with the proper framing. By purchasing a custom frame made by professionals who have assessed the type of preservation the type of art needs, you are able to enjoy your art for that much longer.

5. High quality. Custom framing will always trump even the most expensive store-bought frame. The quality of professional, high-quality custom framing includes the correct UV glass — an important element for protecting your art from ultraviolet light, which kills the quality of the art piece. Most store-bought options come with the incorrect glass or an acetate sheet; which is even worse. The mat that is behind the piece in a store-bought frame is typically a wood cellulose product of low quality. Custom frames assure you that the acidity is low so that the item being framed has a long life.

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High-quality art and photography deserves equally high-quality framing to make it last a lifetime.

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