Life in Color

On Sunday, Oct. 18, Andy Warhol’s colorful Pop art will fill Philbrook Museum of Art for an exhibition that celebrates the artist’s brilliance.


Warhol was an important visionary of Pop art, a movement of the 1950s and ‘60s that represented media and popular culture within artists’ works. Pop art allowed everyday culture to find a place within fine art, and emerging as a staple in the New York scene, Warhol’s works flourished alongside his reputation.

An artist, celebrity, entrepreneur and author, Warhol’s artistic mediums included drawings, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening and more. With works on display and collected worldwide, his contribution to art is immeasurable.

The Philbrook exhibit, Life In Color, shines a light on Warhol’s prints that include portraits of Marilyn Monroe, among other celebrities, the electric chair, camouflage patterning, flowers, sunsets and more. Empowering guests to explore the works of other contemporary artists of Warhol’s time, Philbrook has included prints by Richard Diebenkorn, Chuck Close, Edward Ruscha and Keith Haring within the exhibit. For more information, visit

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