Finding Affordable Fine Art Investments in Florida


The artwork you’re thinking of buying might increase in value over time or become as resellable as your kid’s macaroni craft project. When investing in fine art, you need to do your due diligence. With some research, you can buy artwork that will increase in value as the years go by. Here are some tips for finding investment worthy artwork.

You walk by your favorite art gallery and fall in love with a $40,000 painting in the window. This kind of investment may or may not be in your budget. Many galleries offer the same selection of work from the artist for much less in the form of a giclée. A giclée is an artwork reproduction printed on fine paper or canvas with color and detail that gives the original a run for its money. Is this a valuable investment?

Artwork gets its value from its rarity, so, while an original will always be worth more than a giclée, there’s no denying that a giclée puts fine art investments within the reach of many art enthusiasts. Several factors can help determine the value of a print: the number of prints that are made of one work; the significance of the work; the condition of the print; and whether it is signed and numbered by the artist. A limited edition giclée is more valuable than a mass-produced image. Even an earlier print of the same batch can increase value.

But how can you know whether your find is rare? Hit the internet and do your research. You can look up the artist and the specific artwork to get some background and you can check sites that offer an example of pricing. Visit local museums, galleries and art institutions on a regular basis so you can recognize important pieces and art movements. If you’re considering a piece by a renowned artist, get an appraisal. With some basic research, you will find something you love that is affordable and that will increase in value over time.

If you find yourself in possession of artwork that you are ready to sell, call us here at Gallery Art. We are ALWAYS interested in consigning or buying your fine art. And if you’re looking for a long-term investment, whether its original art, sculptures or limited edition giclées, stop in and walk through our 8000 sq.ft. gallery—The Largest Fine Art Gallery In South Florida.

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