A Glimpse Into The Heroic World of Sandra Chevrier

As far back as artist Sandra Chevrier can remember, art has always been present in her life. Her first glimpse into the power of art came when she saw the work titled “Detritus of Devotion” by Heidi Taillefer. It transmitted so much emotion and energy to her that, at the early age of 14, she decided to devote herself to creating artwork that does the same for others.

Much of her works tell the story of women trying to find freedom from the imposed cages of society’s distorted prejudices and expectations. She uses loose and heavy textures of paint to make her portrayed subjects seem to emerge from the surreal world of their canvas. By using comics as a mask for her portrayed heroines, Chevrier highlights the fragility of the superhero, their personal weaknesses and exposes the humanity within.

See Sandra Chevrier Artwork at Gallery Art, Aventura


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