Mr. Brainwash—The Passionate and Obsessive Mind of Street Art

Mr. Brainwash is an artist who was inspired by the exciting and sometimes dangerous life of the street artist. He served his apprenticeship over a period of years following and filming street artists plying their craft around Los Angeles and London.

His passionate and obsessive mind has driven him to learn and grow as a street artist. His very first show, “Life Is Beautiful,” was the result of putting everything he had on the line when he had no real idea of the enormity of the task or what the outcome might be—the very essence of creative energy and force.

The idea of street art is to create a dramatic reaction. Done mostly at night and in secret, a street artist lurks the streets looking for walls to paint their vision. It has to be done quickly and the impact has to be immediate for the artist to be successful. One day there is an empty wall and the next, a powerful message commenting on the conditions of man.

Mr. Brainwash has earned his place in the world of street art by showing that he has the courage to do something big to get the message across. He has also demonstrated the importance of hype which is necessary for expanding the consciousness of a larger audience—the goal of every street artist.

What is art? It is the mix of things which otherwise have not mixed. It is the spontaneous outcome of choices and decisions—the fate of colliding forces. It is the vision of a man and his ability to render it (or have it rendered) in the physical world of textures, flavors, sounds and sights. Art is everything.

See Mr. Brainwash art at Gallery Art Miami


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