Modern Canadian Artist Sandra Chevrier: a Hyperrealistic Painter of Women

September 21, 2018


Sandra Chevrier – Canadian artist, born on September 23, 1983.

Sandra Chevrier currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. She is a full-time artist and single mom, who works out of her home studio. Chevrier, who calls herself a “gaze collector,” creates hyperrealistic paintings of women that stare out towards the viewer.

Reinterpreting the superhero mask, Chevrier covers these images with a collage of comic book prints, using scenes from Superman and Batman to conceal the faces of these idealized women. Her ‘Cages series’ is about women trying to find freedom from society’s twisted preconceptions of what they should or shouldn’t be.

Her work is shown in Canada, as well as in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. The series ‘’Superhero Cages’’ garnered international acclaim. Her artwork is found throughout varied collections across the globe, in Europe and North America, and in such countries as The Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Russia.

Chevrier selects sections of comic books that portray “fragile heroes,” promoting the idea that vulnerability often underlies heroism.

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SANDRA CHEVRIER | LA CAGE; TOI, MOI ET LE REVE | 30 X 30 INCHES | GICLEE ON PAPER | AP |For more details, email or call 305.932.6166. Mention CODE #DCGALLART to receive 20% OFF on your order.

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