Icon: Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein is not only one of the most influential artists of the 1900s, he is one of the original founders of American Pop Art. In five thousand paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, murals, and other subjects, Lichtenstein systematically studied and experimented with many of the concerns, philosophies, and genres of art. He was particularly interested in how painting represents the world, and how various art movements, like impressionism, cubism and expressionism, put forth different claims about what that representation was capable of achieving.

Lichtenstein reproduces, exaggerates, puns, parodies, satirizes, and most importantly, tests these theories and approaches in a body of work that has become foundational to any understanding of post-war American Art.

This is a small curated selection of some of the Lichtenstein artworks we have here at Gallery Art, to view our full collection of Roy’s artworks head over to our website here.

Woodcut with embossing, on Arches cover. From the Edition of 50.
From the ‘Expressionist Woodcut Series.
Screen print in colors, on Rives BFK. Edition AP of 30.
Lithograph on Arches Paper. From the Edition of 38.
From the ‘Surrealist’ Series.
Lithograph. From the Edition of 60.
From the ‘Landscapes’ series.

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